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Saturday, August 4, 2012

All Slabbed Up

note: this joint is in Lansing / Leavenworth KS

In spite of the fact that the menu is printed in Comic Sans, ASU wants to be a biker bar.  Signs out front touted something like "Motorhead Mondays - Free Beer"**.  Something like that.  Inside, the joint is clean and freshly redecorated in some weird cross between Chipotle and Texas Roadhouse.  Vanity license plates like IGO4IT and GETUONE quilt the wall.  The L-shaped dining area is crowded, real crowded, with 4 high top tables and 4 regular tables.  I can only imagine how "festive" this place gets when over-sized, over-served Harley Homeys and Honeys get likkered up on Free Beer night**.
these burnt ends are sure perty,
but they're not necessarily from ASU

Anyway, I came for the 'Q.  Hoping for a little Eastwood swagger, I ordered The High Plains Drifter (3 ribs and my choice of 2nd meat - burnt ends in this case, plus 1 side and Texas (YeeHaw) toast - $11.99).  My motorcycle momma to order the Pure Country (2 meats - brisket and pulled pork in this case) plus 1 side and Texas (YeeHaw) toast - $9.99). 

The burnt ends were the stuff legends are made of.  Well smoked and tender as a mother's love.  Magnificente! as we say in the Land of Los Alamo.  The ribs were delicious.  One rib, an end piece, was a little chewy, but I actually like that.  The others were spot on.  The little lady allowed me a nibble of brisket and pork.  Well done.  I wouldn't mind a tad more smoke, but no quarrels. 

My professional assessment (based on my scoring standards):
Brisket... Taste: 8 Tenderness: 9 Appearance: 8 = Overall: 8.4
Burnt Ends... Taste: 9 Tenderness: 9 Appearance: 9 = Overall: 9
Ribs... Taste: 9 Tenderness: 8 Appearance: 9 = Overall: 8.6
Pulled Pork Taste: 7 Tenderness: 9 Appearance: 8 = Overall: 8

I started with the hot bbq sauce and never reached for anything less.  It was a little thinner than I would prefer, but once in my cavernous mouth it took care of business.  Outstanding.  My wife ordered the sweet potato fries.  Crisp, but she didn't feel like there was such a pronounced yammy taste.  I ordered the standard pomme frites.  Come on people, if everyone from MickeyDs to Red Robin can nail crisp fries, don't you think you could too?  A hard F- for the fries, everything else was a winner.

The only thing I can get my head around is the photo of a horse's rear end hanging over the men's urinal.  Really, is that an homage to somebody's ex-wife or a more subliminal message which is totally lost on me.  Anyway, I'd opt for an illustration from Saturday Evening Post or something else as innocuous.

Based on All Slabbed Up’s consistent quality and great value, not only am I giving them FIVE piggies, I’m including them in KC’Q Best All-Around Barbeque Joint.  No small feat.

**I have absolutely no idea what the sign actually said and I make no offer of free beer on Monday or any other day.  You're on your own.